Sweat is Here!!

By May 10, 2016News

What-What y’all, it’s a Sweat Pilates lifestyle blog!

Whatever your fitness journey holds, we want to be with you throughout the ups and the downs. I mean, hey… to talk real talk about our bodies, we have to explore the wholeness of who we are, and that means everything: What makes us tick? What makes us ticked off? How can we nurture our health in a spirit of indulgence rather than lack? How can we make our insecurities our strengths? How can we create more balance in our lives? We believe the answer to all those questions, is to SHARE!

We want to share our experiences, discoveries, lessons, blunders, party fouls, teachable moments, and success stories with you, and encourage you to share yours with us. Nobody’s perfect, but with a little support and encouragement we can each be better!

Let’s all put our capes on, agree to use our super powers for good, and collectively kick ass together. If you take a moment in your next lunge and pause, you’ll notice there’s so much more going on at Sweat…than just Sweat.

Carpe diem, people.

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