Janelle, a pilates and yoga teacher, is a strong believer that your thoughts become your reality. She has been involved in competitive sports since the age of 5 when she had her first swim meet. Her interest in fitness continued when she moved to Washington, DC and started teaching various workout classes. Once she moved to Santa Monica, CA in 2007, she competed in triathlons and Crossfit while working as a Human Resources manager at a corporate real estate. She craved the intensity of these workouts to offset the stress her job brought her. She had a wake up call in 2012 when she found herself with two herniated discs in her lower back, her doctor told her it was either back surgery or stop all the extreme workouts. It was through yoga that Janelle was able to avoid surgery and began to find a better connection with her mind and body. Bringing more attention to her breath, she began to learn how to find peace and a greater sense of self. After teaching pilates and yoga on the side for many years, in 2016 she quit her corporate job to fully dedicate her self to the life long study of the practice. She finds much joy in sharing this practice with others in a way that resonated so well for her.