Cancellation Policy

We have a 10 Hour Cancellation Policy. Cancelling a class is as simple as making one. You are responsible for managing your own schedule.  If you have a count package, you will simply lose your class as if you had attended. If you have a ONE CLASS A DAY package, you will be charged $20 for a late cancel two hours of less before class, or $15 for a late cancel more than two hours before class.

Switching classes will result in a late cancel if done 10 hours or less before class.

Intro and Single Class Offers

New Clients Only

First Time Class

$ 15

One Time Charge

Six Class Package (30 day exp)

$ 99

One Time Charge

* Call to Purchase (310) 202-0000. Before you call please in our system including a credit card. Thank you!

Single Class

$ 30

One Time Charge Sign up now!

Community Class

$ 20

One Time Charge Sign up now!

1 Month Packages

Six Class Package

$ 119

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Eight Class Package

$ 149

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Ten Class Package

$ 179

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Drenched Packages

(Up to 16 classes per month)

One Month Expiration

Three Month Expiration

Six Month Expiration

Sweat Challenge Coming Soon!!

$ 0

28 days, 28 classes Sign up now!

6 Month Packages

Five class Package

$ 135

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Ten Class Package

$ 250

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Fifteen Class Package

$ 345

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Twenty Class Package

$ 400

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Wake Up & Sweat

Only good for classes that say 'Wake Up & Sweat.' 45 day expiration.

Eight Class Package

$ 128

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Twelve Class Package

$ 186

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Sixteen Class Package

$ 236

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What is the cancellation period?

We have a 10 hour cancellation policy. If you do not cancel at least 10 hours prior to the start of class your class is forfeit. If you cancel with only 2 hours before class, or are a no-show, you will also be charged a $10 fee. We do this to encourage clients to cancel out of class so that your Proformer can be opened up for another client to take class.

No Refunds. No excuses. We are a small studio with limited space. You don’t have to make a reservation. You can always try walking in to a class.

What happens if I don’t cancel in the cancellation period?

When holding an Unlimited package a $15 late fee will be applied to your account should you fail to early cancel your reservation 10 hours prior to class. $20 for canceling less then 2 hours before class or you are a no-show. If you have a count package your class is forfeit for a  10 hour late cancel, then at 2 hours before class you lose your class and are charged a $10 fee