411 on Sweat

  1. All class reservations must be made and cancelled through the online system.

  2. Arrive 10 minutes prior to class.

  3. Parking is available behind the studio and on neighboring streets. Please observe signage for parking restrictions.

  4. Grip socks are suggested, but not required. Have no fear, we do sell them!

  5. No strong perfumes.

  6. Jewelry is not a good idea. We are NOT responsible for any lost items.

  7. No children under 10 or pets allowed. Some of our clients are allergic. (to the animals, not the kids.)

  8. Wear comfortable, fitted clothing. Bring water and a towel. As luck would have it, we also sell both items!

  9. We have a changing room, but no shower. Body wipes seem to do the trick.

  10. Pregnant? Congratulations, mama! If you are new to our studio, please bring in your doctor’s permission slip, then enjoy!

  11. Are you a Class Passer? Welcome! All Class Pass business MUST go through Class Pass. Thank you.

  12. If you are 15 minutes late for class, your space can be given to waitlist clients.

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